Low Income Seniors Tax Rebate Program

Application for Low Income Seniors Tax Rebate Program

If you satisfy all the requirements, a $305.00 Tax Rebate credit will be applied to your tax account at the end of the year being applied for.  DO NOT reduce your payments by this rebate amount or late payment fees will apply to any unpaid balance.

Once you have applied for this rebate an application will automatically be mailed to you annually with your Final Tax billing.  THE APPLICATION FOR THE REBATE MUST STILL BE APPLIED FOR EVERY YEAR.  If you do not receive an application with your Final billing please contact the Treasury office to obtain one.  An application can be completed online if you have the ability to attach a copy of your GIS renewal letter electronically.  For more information please contact the Tax Collector at 705-432-2355. ext. 226.

** NOTE:  The Guaranteed Income Supplement program is administered by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) in conjunction with the Old Age Security Pension. You must apply annually to HRDC – Income Securities Program to get this supplement income. For more information on this program you can contact Human Resources Development Canada at 1-800-277-9914.