Fire Department Information

The Township of Brock Fire Department provides incident response services for fire and other emergency situations.

Programs and Services

The Fire Department has responsibility for a number of services in addition to its primary role of emergency incident response. Theses include:

Staff Complement

The Township of Brock Fire Department operate from three (3) fire stations: Sunderland # 81, Cannington # 82 and Beaverton # 83.

Fire department personnel are comprised of the following:

  • 1 Fire Chief (Full-time)
  • 1 Deputy Fire Chief (Full-time)
  • 3 District Chiefs (Volunteer)
  • 1 Chief Training Officer (Part-time)
  • 14 Captains (Volunteer)
  • 5 Acting Captains (Volunteer)
  • 47 Firefighters (Volunteer)


All fire personnel receive on-going training on an annual basis with each station conducting training sessions every week. Training is held in the following areas:

  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Auto Extrication 
  • Ladder and Hose Training
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Driver Training
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • HAZMAT Awareness
  • Propane/Natural Gas
  • Ice Water Rescue


Vacancies within the department are advertised periodically and resumes are received at that time to fill any needed positions. Contact us for further information.