Animal Control / Adoptions

Adoption Program

Grey Cat, animal controlUnclaimed dogs/cats are offered for adoption. Photographs are taken and placed in the local newspaper advertising availability of pets as well as being posted on the

Adoption Fees:

  • Dog – $180.00
  • Puppy – $125.00
  • Cat – $100.00
  • Kitten – $80.00

Contact Animal Control Department for further information.

Animal Control

If you should find a lost cat/dog, or if your cat/dog has gone missing, please call the Animal Control Department immediately at (705) 432-2355 or 705-432-2884.   

Stray Cats

A stray cat is referred to as an owned animal that is under the by-law (Animal Control By-law Number 2446-2012-PP) to be at large – meaning the animal is off the owner’s property without being under control of a leash or under the supervision of the owner and can also be owned cats that are lost. When contacted, staff will, if the animal is confined, pickup or receive them at the animal shelter during regular business hours and alert the owner if the animal is licensed or has identification.

  • The owner is advised that the cat has been impounded and that they will need to pick up the animal, paying the fines associated with being at large.
  • Should the animal remain unclaimed, our shelter will provide the animal with necessary veterinary care and will adopt out or transfer the cat for the purposes of adoption.
  • Sick and Injured domestic animals are picked up without delay during regular business hours and officers are paged after hours to attend to that animal.

Homeless Cats

Homeless cats have no person to care for, or control them and the issue is wide spread throughout all Canadian municipalities. Animal shelters and humane societies are not equipped with the resources, staffing or funding to be able to handle the extensive population. The Township of Brock will accept healthy homeless cats and kittens (which are not feral) or pick up, if confined, when the shelter is not operating at maximum capacity and only during regular business hours. Operating at maximum capacity prevents staff from accepting cats that are not sick or injured, or owned animal surrenders, and residents may be asked to monitor these strays until space is available.

  • Residents can determine space availability by calling periodically to inquire.
  • Staff will provide the caller with alternative organizations that may have space, such as rescue groups or humane societies.
  • The caller is also advised that should any of the strays being monitored present an injury or illness, staff will immediately attempt to catch and confine the animal for immediate veterinary intervention to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for that animal.

Feral Cats

Feral cats are those that are wild by nature and those that a veterinarian has deemed to be unadoptable due to aggressive behaviour. Many of these cats present serious diseases and other health issues. Given the fact that feral cats are unfriendly and usually not adoptable, those brought to animal shelters are at high risk for euthanasia.

  • A feral cat must be observed during a holding period to accurately assess the animal, however, safely caring for an impounded feral cat is stressful for the cat and can present a risk to staff and other animals in the facility.

At no time would the Township of Brock Animal Shelter consider euthanizing a healthy and adoptable animal to provide space for a feral cat.

The Township of Brock Animal Shelter has been contacted by residents to attend to cats that could be identified as feral or have discovered confined cats outside the animal shelter which are identified as feral after observation. While the public often believes that Municipal Animal Control, Humane Societies and OSPCA shelters should pick up all homeless, stray and feral animals and provide them with veterinary care and homes, the constraints experienced by municipalities are the lack of resources, staffing, funding for veterinary care and euthanasia, space requirements, and the need for a safe and disease-free facility that is not over-crowded.

Trap Neuter Release Programs (TNR)

TNR are rescue groups operated by volunteers and participating veterinarians with no association to municipal animal control or the taxpayers. Their objective is to trap homeless and feral cats, neuter them and re-release them to the wild. Often in such areas, there are volunteers providing food, water and shelter to these pets through charitable donations to assist feral animals in their municipality. In the Township of Brock, we do not have a TNR group or feral cat colony group to assist with the cat over-population.

  • A TNR group would be welcomed to set up a program and staff could discuss how the animal shelter could assist with this.
  • Interested individuals are encouraged to call the animal shelter at 705-432-2884 to see how to become involved in your community.