Limousine Licence

The operation of a Limousine in the Township is regulated and requires a licence.

By-Law No. 2437-2012-PP is a by-law to provide for the licensing, regulating and governing of limousine drivers and owners, with a limousine being defined as a luxury motor vehicle that is manufactured with an extended wheel base or has been extended from its original design and is kept for hire for the conveyance of passengers solely on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, which does not contain a taximeter or two-way radio or similar device.  Notwithstanding the forgoing, the term Limousine shall not include a Taxicab in respect of which a license has been issued to the Owner, under the provisions of this By-law, nor shall it include a bus, ambulance or hearse.

Upon written application to the Council of the Township of Brock and approval thereafter, certain requirements as set out in the by-law must be met by the owners, vehicles and the drivers. Failure to do so may revoke/prohibit a licence and/or incur a fine.

Click on the links below to view the application forms for licences for drivers and owners:

Annual Limousine Licence Fees:

  • Limousine Owner (New) – $570.00
  • Limousine Owner (Renewal) – $110.00
  • Limousine Owner (Renewal After February 1st) – $165.00
  • Limousine Owner Licence Replacement – $35.00
  • Limousine Driver (New) – $110.00
  • Limousine Driver (Renewal) – $80.00
  • Limousine Driver (Renewal) After February 1st – $140.00
  • Limousine Driver Licence Replacement – $35
  • Limousine Plate Replacement – $40.00