Brock Tourism BR+E 2017

Over 40 Brock businesses and organizations participated in the BR+E surveys throughout 2017 leading to a very successful project. Seven different sports organizations also provided input for this project via an online survey.  Thank you to the businesses and organizations for taking time to provide feedback to this project, it is appreciated.  The Brock Tourism BR+E was led by the Brock Economic Development Advisory Committee (BEDAC) in partnership with the Township of Brock and the Region of Durham Economic Development and Tourism Division. Other project partners included the OMAFRA, the Brock Board of Trade and the Durham Workforce Authority. A Leadership Team was formed, comprised of representatives from the partner organizations and members of BEDAC, to help guide the project.  A total of 16 volunteer visitors conducted confidential interviews. The aggregated results have been compiled in this document with a particular focus on tourism specific data gathered.


BR + E - What Does it Entail?

What is a BR+E project?

A structured action-oriented and community-based approach to business and economic development

  • Promotes job growth by helping communities learn about issues/opportunities for local businesses and set priorities for projects to address these needs
  • A BR+E project consists of trained volunteers who visit businesses and conduct confidential interviews with business owners/senior level management

Why undertake a BR+E project?

  1. Existing businesses create more jobs (76-90% of new jobs come from existing businesses)
  2. Existing businesses are already invested in the community
  3. Existing businesses can be ambassadors for the community
  4. Encourages communities to be proactive rather than reactive
  5. Improves the community’s self-awareness

Implementing a BR+E

There are a number of different ways to implement a BR+E project

  • The BR+E process combines the initiative of community business visits with a systematic interview process
  • It uses community leaders and the general public to make it work
  • BR+E is community-based because it involves a variety of partner organizations and people who bring experience from different sectors

It is a multi-stakeholder process that can build the commitment needed from a variety of community organizations to implement action plans.

Project Partners

Project Timeline

  • January 2017 to April 2017: Preparation: leadership team formed, project design, recruitment/training – Completed
  • April 2017 to September 2017: Collect & Analyze: conduct interviews, address red/green flags, analyze data – Completed
  • September 2017 to September 2018: Goals & Action Plan: BR+E task for retreat, final report/action plan, communicate results – Completed 
  • September 2018 to  December 2020: Implement & Monitor: implement actions, monitor & track progress

BR+E Final Report

The Brock Tourism Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) – Final Report and Action Plan was presented and approved by the Planning Committee on June 25, 2018. Below is the executive summary of the recommendations contained within the report.

Executive Summary of Recommendations

The surveys highlighted numerous new opportunities for tourism in Brock Township and areas for further improvement. Over the last several years, the formation of the BEDAC, the Beaverton 180 Downtown Revitalization Action Plan, three First Impression Community Exchanges and the Shop Brock Downtown Revitalization Program have had a major positive impact on economic development and tourism. Moving forward, participants expressed the need for dedicated staff resources for economic development and tourism as well as a coordinated approach to tourism in Brock Township.

Following an analysis of the aggregate data and consultations with the Leadership Team, four priority recommendations have been identified:

  1. Allocate dedicated Township resources (staff and financial) to support tourism and economic development;
  2. Establish a working relationship with Durham Tourism and Central Counties Tourism (CCT) resulting in funding, resources and a Community Tourism Plan to develop the tourism industry in Brock Township
    1. Leverage partnership funding from CCT whenever possible;
  3. Enhance existing assets in the Township for public parking and washrooms to ensure a positive tourist experience;
    1. Public washrooms in local arenas and Town Halls should be made accessible to the public on evenings and weekends;
    2. Public parking signage should be installed to direct visitors to available parking options that may be located close to the main streets;
  4. Market the Township of Brock more effectively through targeted campaigns (social media and print) and signage to promote Brock a destination for visitors.

Further recommendations are identified in the Action Plan as additional opportunities and ideas. The Leadership Team has highlighted priority recommendations because they are thought to be the most significant to develop the tourism industry in Brock. However, the additional opportunities and ideas are important to build upon the priority recommendations.