Transparency Mechanisms

Council Code of Conduct

Council Code of Conduct (By-law 2843-2019-AP) (pdf)– This by-law provides a framework for the conduct of Council members and addresses such matters as meeting conduct, confidential information, procurement of goods and services, incompatible activity, use of corporate resources during an election campaign, regard for the Human Rights Code, and their relationships with staff.

Public Notification Policy

Public Notification Policy (pdf) – The Township must adopt a policy identifying notice requirements for a variety of matters set forth in the Municipal Act; these are in addition to notice requirements contained in other Provincial statutes (e.g. Planning Act).

Sale of Land By-Law

Sale of Land By-law (pdf) – This by-law details the procedures to be followed when the municipality declares land to be surplus to its needs with the intention to sell. This by-law does not address lands which may be sold under a tax sale.

Hiring Policy

Hiring Policy (pdf) – This policy addresses the hiring practices of the municipality to ensure that hiring decisions are conducted in an open and transparent manner.

Procurement of Goods & Services

Procurement of Goods & Services (pdf) – this by-law addresses the manner in which goods and services are purchased including the need for quotations, proposals, tenders, etc.

Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority (pdf) – This by-law delegates certain authority to staff and includes the power to close a highway and determining completeness of a submitted planning application. In addition, the ability to approve Site Plan Applications(pdf) submitted under the Planning Act have been delegated to staff (pdf).