Township of Brock Official Plan

The Township of Brock Official Plan was adopted by Council on June 26, 2006, and approved by the Region of Durham on May 9, 2007 with certain modifications and deferrals. It contains detailed policies for the growth and development of the Township’s urban areas (Beaverton, Cannington, and Sunderland) hamlets (Gambridge, Port Bolster, Manilla, Sonya, and Wilfrid) and Shoreline Residential areas. .

Each of the urban areas is divided into the following land use designations:

  • Residential
  • Employment
  • Utility
  • Regional Centres (central business districts)
  • Open Space

The following links contain the Official Plan as approved by the Region:


Section 1 – 3(pdf) – (Introduction, Vision/Strategic Directions, Economic Development)
Section 4 – 6 (pdf) – (Healthy Communities, Settlement Areas, Servicing & Infrastructure )
Section 7 – 9 (pdf) – (Development Review, Implementation, Interpretation)


Map 1A (pdf) – (Beaverton)
Map 1B (pdf) – (Beaverton CBD)
Map 1C (pdf) – (Beaverton Greenfield)
Map 1D (pdf) – (Beaverton Intake Protection Zones)
Map 2A (pdf) – (Cannington)
Map 2B (pdf) – (Cannington CBD)
Map 2C (pdf) – (Cannington Greenfield)
Map 2D (pdf) – (Cannington Intake Protection Zones)
Map 3A (pdf) – (Sunderland)
Map 3B (pdf) – (Sunderland CBD)
Map 3C (pdf) – (Sunderland Greenfield)
Map 3D (pdf) – (Sunderland Intake Protection Zones)
Map 4A (pdf) – (Shoreline Residential)
Map 4B (pdf) – (Shoreline Residential)
Map 4C (pdf) – (Shoreline Residential)
Map 4D (pdf) – (Shoreline Residential)
Map 5 (pdf) – (Landfill Sites)
Map 6A (pdf)– (Hamlet of Gambridge)
Map 6B (pdf) – (Hamlet of Manilla)
Map 6C (pdf) – (Hamlet of Sonya)
Map 6D (pdf) – (Hamlet of Port Bolster)
Map 6E (pdf) – (Hamlet of Wilfrid)

If you wish to submit an application to amend the Official Plan, click here for an Application Form (pdf) and Application Guide (pdf).