Watch your speed: radar feedback signs are in your community

In support of Durham Vision Zero, the Region of Durham has launched a speed radar feedback (RFB) sign program on Regional roads to improve driver awareness of speed limits on Regional roads and reduce aggressive driving.

The signs will be installed in locations rotating throughout the Region such as hamlets, school zones, community safety zones and other locations where the signs have been pre-determined to have the greatest benefit based on several factors, including speeding patterns, collision history and traffic volumes.

An RFB is an LED sign that displays a vehicle’s speed when approaching the sign. The RFB sign will be mounted above an existing posted speed limit sign. The sign is solar powered, allowing it to be easily deployed in any location. Research carried out by the Region and other external agencies has shown that RFB signs are effective for about six to eight weeks at a time, when combined with police enforcement.

The Region will be using five temporary radar feedback signs on a rotational basis for a period of two to three months at a time, with additional signs planned for the future.

Durham Vision Zero is a long-term, multi-agency strategy to create safer roads for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Learn more at