Brock Downtown Strategic Action Plan

The Brock Downtown Retaliation Strategic Action Plan (pdf) is based on the work of the Beaverton 180 Downtown Revitalization Management Committee between 2012 and 2014 and the Shop Brock Downtown Revitalization Committee in 2015 and early 2016. The goals and action items are organized into the four (4) pillars of the Provincial Downtown Revitalization program: Leadership and Management; Economic Development; Marketing and Promotions; and Physical Improvement.

All stakeholders of downtown Beaverton, Cannington & Sunderland are invited to bring these actions to life. It is anticipated that this Strategic Action Plan be completed on an ongoing basis. This is a living document intended to be regularly updated and reported on to the community by Township staff and the Brock Economic Development Advisory Committee (BEDAC).

The Strategic Action Plan includes 11 Objectives with related Goals and Actions.

Beaverton 180

The Beaverton Downtown Revitalization Management Committee was established in May 2012. This Committee was comprised of local volunteers and partners who championed and guided the revitalization project through its various stages. Downtown revitalization is a process of improving the economic, physical and social well-being of the community’s traditional town centre by:

  • Strengthening local businesses and encouraging investment by building and property owners;
  • Creating enjoyable public streets and spaces animated by a variety of civic activities and events; and
  • Providing work and living opportunities that respond to people’s needs across a spectrum of ages and interests.

Shop Brock

Building on the successes of the Beaverton Downtown Revitalization Management Committee, the Township of Brock Shop Brock downtown revitalization project was launch which included the implementation phase of the Beaverton 180° project and expanded the project into Cannington and Sunderland.

Shop Brock was premised on business development, downtown revitalization, and local business diversification. The project aimed to strengthen the local economy, sustain and grow local jobs, and support our healthy and vibrant communities.

Shop Brock followed the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs four point Downtown Revitalization program which includes:  Economic Development; Management and Leadership; Marketing and Promotions; and Physical Improvements. The goals of the Shop Brock project were:

  • Develop local leaders and business collaboration focused on business development and downtown revitalization;
  • Challenge business owners in the downtowns (and across Brock) to innovate within their businesses, find new revenue opportunities, and upgrade skills (e.g. workshops on retail design, social media, e-commerce, competition, diversifying their businesses, succession planning, etc.);
  • Recruit business start-up and business attraction opportunities to promote occupancy of vacant commercial spaces;
  • Work with businesses to create a shop local and regional marketing campaign to increase local retail spending and leverage Township’s signature events;
  • Assist businesses to access the Township’s new Community Improvement Plan incentives to and improve the physical appeal of the downtown shopping experience; and
  • Document and communicate the story of Shop Brock.