Community Tourism Plan

According to Central Counties Tourism, A Community Tourism Plan is a “written document produced on behalf of a community by a group of people representing a board cross-section of interests. The plan provides the framework for business, local government, cultural, and other organizations to analyze tourism resources and concerns, and to encourage tourism development and promotion.”

Township of Brock Tourism Working Group

In September of 2017, the Township of Brock established a Tourism Working Group to provide guidance, advice and recommendations on the development of a Community Tourism Plan for the Township of Brock.

The Brock Tourism Working Group is comprised of community members representing a broad cross-section of tourism interests in the community from the following list of groups, with equal representation from all three communities (Beaverton, Cannington, and Sunderland):

  • Tourism Business who depend on revenues from visitors;
  • Specialty Retail such as gift shops and grocery shops;
  • Cultural groups that operate local museum, festivals, events, etc.;
  • Service club who undertake community projects;
  • Brock Board of Trade;
  • Recreational organization; and
  • Interested members of the general public who help to ensure that the “quality of the life” focus is not overlooked.

Updates on the development of the plan will be posted here.

For more information, please contact Becky Jamieson, Deputy Clerk at 705-432-2355 ext. 240 or