Road Construction Program

The construction of new roads and major repair/enhancement of existing roads.

Approximately $1.5 million of the annual Road Department budget is devoted to various capital projects.

Road needs are prioritized in the Road Needs Study which is updated every 3 – 5 years. In addition, needs may be identified through concerns raised by residents, members of Council and/or by staff.

Proposed capital projects are considered by Council during the annual budget process, following receipt of a staff report outlining the estimated costs.

Capital projects may be undertaken by township staff or contracted through a competitive bid process (tender). This decision is dependent on the nature and extent of reconstruction and/or rehabilitation works identified.

The municipality also coordinates urban reconstruction planning with the Region of Durham to ensure that the Region's interests (e.g. water and sanitary sewer components) are budgeted and coordinated within the same contract.

The Works Department endeavors to maintain a gravel resurfacing program each summer. This program is recorded from year to year in order to monitor when road sections have been resurfaced.

This record is used in combination with availability of funds, traffic volumes and input from Council and/or road department staff to assist the Department in determining the current year program.