Vacancy Rebate for Commercial & Industrial Assessed Land

The vacant unit property tax rebate program, available to eligible units in the broad Commercial (30 per cent rebate) and broad Industrial (35 per cent rebate) property tax classes, will be phased-out evenly over the property taxation years 2018 to 2019 according the following parameters:

  • for the property tax year 2018, rebates be set at 15.00 per cent for eligible units in the broad Commercial property tax c lass and 17.50 per cent for the eligible units in the broad Industrial property tax classes; and
  • the rebate program for both the Commercial and Industrial broad property tax classes be eliminated for the 2019 property tax year.

ApplicationĀ must be made to the Municipal Office by February 28th for the previous year, for a re-classification of assessment from Occupied to Vacant Buildings/Excess Land.

Property must be vacant for at least 90 consecutive days prior to making application in order to qualify for re-classification.

Download the Application Form for Rebate of Property Taxes of Commercial and Industrial Property (pdf).

View theĀ Eligibility Criteria for Rebate of Property Taxes for Vacancies in Commercial and Industrial Property (pdf).