Emergency Public Awareness Program

Emergency planning includes YOU.

Planning for an emergency is not restricted to the Township’s Emergency Control Group and Council. The most effective way to prepare for an emergency starts with you – either at home, your cottage, or place of business. For example:

Find more information on the Emergency Planning Program here. 

Additional factsheets and information are available at www.emergencymanagementontario.ca as well as the Region of Durham website.

The Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, in conjunction with Emergency Management Ontario has prepared a Emergency Preparedness Guide for Persons with Disabilities and/or Special Needs (pdf).

The federal government has also prepared a number of brochures providing self-help advice to address a number of situations, some of which could occur within the Township of Brock. Click on the following links to obtain a downloadable brochure:

Paper copies of these brochures and factsheets are available at the Municipal Office in Cannington. Displays addressing emergency preparedness are also developed for Emergency Preparedness Week held in May. Further, in conjunction with fire safety programs, our Deputy Fire Chief along with firefighters will attend school functions and receive school groups at the local fire stations in each community. 

No one can predict the on-set of an emergency situation within the municipality. However, our best defense against one is to be prepared in the event we are confronted with an emergency situation.