Horticultural Societies

Both Beaverton and Cannington have active Horticultural Societies that dutifully plant and maintain the municipal flowerbeds and main street planters. The time and effort put forth by these Societies to beautify Brock is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by many.

Cannington Horticultural Society

Beaverton Horticultural Society

The Beaverton Horticultural Society was started in 1922 with the first flower show being held on September 22, 1922 in the Town Hall.

In most cases the General Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month. Not only do the meetings highlight informative and entertaining speakers, the BHS also hosts workshops and offers advice clinics for gardeners with an opportunity for guests to enjoy a social time with homemade goodies. Guests and Members welcome at all our events. Please use the contact information below for more details.

P.O. Box 895
Beaverton, Ontario
L0K 1A0

P: 705-484-1073
W: http://www.gardenontario.org/site.php/beaverton
E: judytom@ruralwave.ca

Cannington Horticultural Society

Cannington Horticultural Society General Meetings are held the last Monday of each month at 7:30 pm, at the Royal Canadian Legion, 72 Peace Street, Cannington, unless otherwise stated. No general meetings are held in January, February, July, and August. Flower shows take place at the Royal Canadian Legion.

The society’s program consists of speakers offering information on various horticultural subjects, annual plant auction, open gardens, flower, vegetable and photographic competitions, and the civic beautification of our village.

P.O. Box 38
Cannington, Ontario
L0E 1E0

P: 705-426-9138
E: info@canningtonhorticulturalsociety.org
W: https://www.canningtonhorticulturalsociety.org/

Georgina-Brock Garden Club

The Georgina-Brock Garden Club got its start back in 1959 and has been the friendly, neighbourhood garden club servicing rural residents and small communities along the York-Durham border, namely Pefferlaw, Wilfrid, Udora, Port Bolster, and Sunderland.

Today the Georgina-Brock Garden Club has an active and vibrant garden club, hosting monthly meetings on the 2nd Monday of the months of March, April, June, July, September, October and November.

P: 905-722-9569
E: gbgcinfonow@gmail.com
W: https://www.gardenontario.org/find-a-society/entry/109