Agricultural Societies

The Township of Brock has two agricultural societies that are responsible for the continued success of our annual fall fairs. Both the Beaverton Fall Fair and Sunderland Fall Fair provide opportunities for Brock to display its agricultural heritage for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Each fair has a midway, numerous exhibitions for all ages and hosts a variety of competitions.

Beaverton Agricultural Society

The Beaverton Agricultural Society’s purpose is to preserve, promote and celebrate the rural life in Beaverton and surrounding areas.

  1. Involving our youth and 4H clubs in agricultural and livestock disciplines with competition and prizes for various age groups.
  2. Preserving and encouraging our agricultural heritage with the heavy-horse, antique tractors and farm equipment.
  3. Fostering friendly competition with agricultural exhibits and displays of high-quality locally grown produce.
  4. Focusing on our pioneer spirit with a plethora of home-craft categories that include preserves, quilts, knitting, baking and art.
  5. Promoting cooperation between community groups by providing an opportunity for fundraising.
  6. Capturing and celebrating our rural and small town life with photography.

Beaverton Fall Fair Vegetable Exhibit

P.O. Box 459
Beaverton, Ontario
L0K 1A0

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Sunderland Agricultural Society

Sunderland Fall FairThe objectives of the Sunderland Agricultural Society are to encourage interest, promote improvement in, and advocate the standards of agriculture, domestic industry and rural life by:

  1. Organizing and holding agricultural exhibitions and awarding premiums and exhibiting displays of farm products thereat.
  2. Encouraging and promoting reforestation and rural beautification.
  3. Encouraging young people to become interested in and adopt better agricultural and domestic practices and for such purposes to hold competitions.
  4. Drawing together both rural and urban citizens for their mutual benefit.
  5. Encouraging and promoting sound environmental practices.

P.O. Box 370
Sunderland, Ontario
L0C 1H0