Dog Licence / Dog Tags

All dogs must be licensed on an annual basis by no later than March 1st. In addition to sales at the municipal office and through a door-to door campaign, licences may be obtained at the following outlets:

  • Davis Hardware, 324 Simcoe Street, Beaverton – (705) 426-7721
  • A5 Pet Depot, 443 Mara Road, Beaverton – (705) 426-7324
  • Pilgrim’s Home Hardware, 92 River Street, Sunderland – (705) 357-3456
  • Brock Municipal Office, 1 Cameron St. E., Cannington – (705) 432-2355

It is important that your dog be licensed. In the event that your pet should go missing, the municipality will have a record of the dog and if it is in our possession, we can return it to you promptly. In addition, our staff spends a considerable amount of time investigating and caring for lost animals. The licence fee offsets some of these costs without placing a larger burden on the taxpayer.

Dog Licence Requirements

Dog with tagAt the time of issuance of the licence by the Township, the owner, if required by the Township licence issuer, shall provide a certificate duly signed by a veterinarian certifying that each dog for whom the licence is proposed to be issued:

  • up to date rabies and/or proof of strong titer test results preceding the date of such application for licence; and
  • is neutered or spayed if it is represented that the dog is neutered or spayed

No person shall produce a false certificate misrepresenting the inoculation, spaying or castration of a dog.

Upon payment of the licence fee for a dog, the owner shall be furnished with a dog tag. The owner shall keep the dog tag securely fixed on the dog at all times until the tag is renewed or replaced.

Licence Fees:

  • Dog Tag (Spayed or Castrated) – $25.00
  • Dog Tag (Any Other Dog) – $30.00
  • Replacement Tag – $1.00

For more information please contact our Animal Control Department.