Animal Shelter Operation

The Township of Brock operates an animal shelter located in the Cannington urban area.

Township of Brock Animal ShelterThe following services are provided through the shelter:

  • care of animals impounded at the shelter
  • respond to complaint calls;
  • pick-up and impound strays;
  • provide stray animals with required medical attention;
  • licence all dogs at the time of redemption;
  • respond to dog bite occurrences;
  • keep ongoing shelter records.

Shelter fees:

  • Cat/Dog First Impoundment in a Calendar Year – $65.00
  • Cat/Dog Second Impoundment in a Calendar Year – $150.00
  • Cat/Dog Third Impoundment in a Calendar Year – $250.00
  • Cat/Dog Subsequent Impoundment – $500.00
  • Cat/Dog Impoundment Maintenance Fee per day – $15.00

Shelter fees are payable on redemption.