Submitting a Public Complaint

The Corporation of the Township of Brock is committed to continuous organizational improvement in an environment where all complaints are dealt with fairly in a respectful, transparent fashion.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction related to the service, actions or lack of actions by a Township of Brock staff member in connection with the delivery of services to the public. Complaints may relate to the actions of an individual or a policy, process or procedure. Anonymous allegations or allegations made on behalf of an unidentified third party will not be entertained or investigated. A complaint is distinct from a request for service, enquiry, feedback, compliment, or suggestion.

A complaint is distinct from:

  • A Request for Service: A request for service is a request made to the Township on behalf of a citizen for a specific service, or to notify the Township that a scheduled service was not provided on time. Examples include: reporting a burned out street light; reporting a by-law or parking infraction. Submit a request for service online.
  • Enquiry: An enquiry is general or specific request for information regarding a Township of Brock product or service made by a member of the public that is resolved at the point of service delivery. Email us to make an enquiry.
  • Feedback: Feedback is an opinion, comment and expression of interest with respect to a Township of Brock program or service by a member of the public. Provide feedback online.
  • Compliment: Compliment is an expression of approval for a Township of Brock service, staff member, program, product or process. Email us to make a compliment.
  • Suggestion: A suggestion is an idea submitted to the Township of Brock by a customer with the aim of improving services, programs, products, or processes. Email us to make a suggestion.


Submit a Public Complaint

Formal complaints to the Township of Brock may be submitted online or in another written format i.e. email, handwritten. Complaints should include the following information:

  • The specific details of what happened;
  • Where did it occur (if applicable);
  • Date of occurrence including the time, day, month and year;
  • Who was involved;
  • What outcome is being sought; and
  • Contact details of the complainant.

Complaints must be made within thirty (30) days after the alleged event.