Fence Viewers

The cost of fences to be erected along a common property line are normally shared between two property owners. In the event of a disagreement between two property owners, or if one property owner does not wish to pay their share, an application may be made to the Township to have the Fence Viewers attend the property.

Fence Viewers are appointed by Council to arbitrate and make awards as to the cost of the fence construction along common property lines. The Fence Viewers will attend the property to visually inspect the area and, once completed, they will file a report outlining the responsibilities to each property owner (section of fence to be erected and type), assign a date by which the fence must be constructed, and assess costs for their attendance.

The Line Fences Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended, provides for the opportunity to appeal the fenceviewers’ decision, ultimately to a Referee appointed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Costs which may be assessed by the fenceviewers may be applied to the tax roll and collected in the same manner as municipal taxes, if not paid at the time.

For further information, contact the municipality.