By-Law Complaints

There is a process for dealing with complaints or allegations of by-law violations.

Written complaints must be forwarded to the municipality; while the municipality will offer assistance and direction with respect to a by-law concern over the telephone or in person, staff will not initiate an investigation without first receiving the complaint in writing. Letters of complaint will not be released to anyone.

New Process!

Complaints may be recorded on a by-law complaint form (pdf) which may be submitted by hand, postal service, or online below.

Once a written complaint is received, staff will conduct an investigation to determine the validity of the complaint and the nature of infraction relative to our existing by-laws. If it is determined that there is no apparent by-law infraction, staff will advise you accordingly; alternatively, if another government institution can assist, we will endeavour to refer your complaint to them.

By-law Investigations

Staff will contact the party to advise of our having received a complaint and outline the alleged by-law infraction with a request that the activity cease. In some cases, the municipality will provide an order to comply with a grace period to conform to municipal by-laws which is followed by a subsequent inspection of the property.

If the by-law infraction ceases to exist, the investigation will be closed. If there is no compliance, staff will proceed to file paperwork with the area prosecutor to schedule court proceedings. In certain cases, particularly noise complaints, it is necessary that the person making the complaint attend to give evidence to support the complaint as staff of the municipality cannot be “everywhere at every time”.

Please contact the Township for further information.

Submit a Municipal By-law Complaint