Roadway Entrance Permit / Consent

Creating a new roadway entrance to a property (or widening and existing one) requires a permit.

Entrance permits/consents are required for all of the following:

  • New residential and commercial properties
  • Changing an existing entrance (widening); and/or
  • Obtaining a second entrance

Applications must be completed and submitted to the Works Department, complete with the applicable fee.

Licence Fees:

  • Entrance Inspection (Existing Entrance) – $209.05
  • Entrance Inspection (New) – $389.85
  • Entrance Installation (with 16″ x 26′ culvert) – $2,039.65
  • Entrance Installation (time & material only) – $949.20
  • Road Occupancy Permit – $389.85
  • Municipal Consent – $152.55

Once an application is filed, an inspection of the proposed entrance location is conducted to determine certain requirements (e.g. approval of location, drainage requirements, culvert, ditching, etc.) The applicant will be notified as to the cost of the entrance installation following this inspection. Please read the following guidelines prior to applying for an entrance permit.

  • Entrance installations are carried out by the Township of Brock;
  • The Township supplies the materials, labour and equipment necessary to install the entrance;
  • The Township does not supply topsoil, sod or seed; these items are the responsibility of the applicant;
  • Minimum entrance length is twenty-four feet (or metric equivalent);
  • The Township provides all future maintenance of the entrance once installed by the municipality;
  • All entrance costs are to be prepaid.