Refreshment Vehicles

Mobile canteens, chip trucks, coffee trucks, hot dog carts, ice cream carts and the like must all be licensed.

By-Law No. 2382-2011-PP is a by-law for licensing, regulating and governing vehicles from which refreshments are sold for consumption by the public, including chip trucks, coffee trucks, hot dog and ice cream carts.

Applications (pdf) to permit a chip truck/mobile canteen must be approved by Council following receipt of a written request which describes the equipment to be used and its intended location.

With the approval of Council, a licence will be granted once the following has been completed:

  • Regional Health Unit inspection and approval;
  • Fire Department inspection and approval to ensure compliance with the Fire Code (this may also require installation of a kitchen (fire) suppression system);
  • Submitting proof of liability insurance;
  • Payment of appropriate licence fee; and,
  • The location must be 50 meters from an eating establishment.

Licences are limited each year and persons failing to comply with the by-law are liable to a penalty as provided by the Provincial Offences Act.

Applicable Fees:

  • Chip Trucks – $570.00
  • Coffee Trucks – First Vehicle – $570.00
  • Coffee Trucks – Additional Vehicle – $345.00
  • Hot Dog Cart – $285.00
  • Ice Cream Cart – $285.00