Open Air Burning Permit

Agricultural, open air and/or recreational burning in the Township of Brock is regulated through By-law Number 2915-2019 (pdf).

Permit Fees (Per Applicant):

  • Open Air Burn Permit – $20.00/annum
  • Recreational Burn Permit – $20.00/annum
  • Agricultural Burn Permit – $60.00/annum

Open Air Burning Pamphlet (pdf)

Know & Understand the Burn By-Law Regulations

You can apply for a burn permit at the Municipal Offices located at 1 Cameron St. E., Cannington.

Permit rates

The following permit fees apply:

  • $20 per year for an Open Air Burning Permit
  • $20 per year for a Recreational Burning Permit
  • $60 per year for an Agricultural Burning Permit

Please note

If you don’t own the property, you are required to have the burn permit approved by the owner of the property.

Renewing your permit

You need to re-apply for a new burn permit each year. All permits expire on December 31.

Burning in a Barrel

Burning in a barrel is permitted only for residential properties located in the Shoreline Residential (SR) Zone, and requires an Open Air Burn Permit.