Open Air Burning Permit

By-Law Number 1637-2000-PP is a by-law to regulate the setting of fires in the open air in the Township of Brock.

Burning permits, available only at the Municipal Office, are required for Specified open air fires to be set within the Township of Brock. Oversize Burn Permits require a site inspection and must be arranged with the Deputy Fire Chief or Fire Chief.  Burning permits are valid for a period of 30 calendar days and may be renewed by telephoning the municipal office and providing your name, date of call, and the permit number. All permits issued in a calendar year expire on December 31st and a new application must be obtained for the following year.

Permit Fees (Per Applicant):

  • Open Air Burning – $15.00/annum
  • Open Air Burning (Oversized) – $50.00/annum
  • Open Air Burning (Oversized) Farm Registration No. – $40.00/annum
  • Burn Barrel Shoreline Residential (SR) Zone – $25.00/annum

Open Air Burning Pamphlet (pdf)

Know & Understand the Burn By-Law Regulations

The Township of Brock Fire Department have adopted a “Zero Tolerance” policy, any person(s) who contravenes the Burn By-Law and results in the attendance of any fire department apparatus and/or personnel may be subject to a fee for service and/or may be subject to charges as per the Ontario Fire Code 213/07 as amended.

The following regulations apply to all open air fires:

  • Fires permitted only between ½ hour before sunrise and ½ hour after sunset;
  • Recreational fires as per the Ontario Fire Code consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times and used to cook food on a grill or a barbeque;
  • Clean wood, tree limbs, brush only (NO grass or leaves);
  • An adequate means of extinguishing the fire must be available;
  • Fires must be attended at all times;
  • Fire must not cause smoke or fire damage to property or injury to persons;
  • Fire must not decrease visibility or create a hazard on any roadway;
  • Weather conditions to be favourable for the setting of fires and dispersion of smoke;
  • No petroleum products, plastics, rubber or other materials that create excessive odour or toxic smoke;
  • Fire not to be located closer than 15 metres from any building and 7.5 metres from flammable vegetation or other materials.

In addition, open air burning permits are NOT available for the following areas of the Township:

  • any public highway or park;
  • designated urban areas of Beaverton, Sunderland, or Cannington;
  • the hamlets of Gamebridge, Port Bolster, Wilfrid, Manilla, or Sonya;
  • lands zoned Rural Residential (RR) (e.g. Blackwater);
  • lands fronting The Pines Lane;

Residents zoned as Shoreline Residential areas may burn in a barrel or metal container unit provided the following is complied with:

  • a burn permit has been obtained;
  • the unit must be safely constructed;
  • the unit does not exceed 1 metre in diameter and 1 metre in height;
  • the unit must be topped with a screen with openings no greater than 6mm;
  • the unit is located in a safe, cleared area;
  • the regulations set out for open air burning are complied with.

If you are in doubt with respect to burning, contact us to ensure that you are in compliance with the by-law. Failure to do so could be very costly to the property owner.

Ontario Fire Code 213/07 regulation for Open Air Burning states:

Open-air burning (1) Open-air burning shall not take place unless

  1. it has been approved, or
  2. the open-air burning consists of a small, confined fire that is
    1. used to cook food on a grill, barbecue or spit,
    2. commensurate with the type and quantity of food being cooked, and
  • supervised at all times.