Lottery Licence

The Township of Brock has the authority to issue lottery licences to eligible organizations that are based within the boundaries of the Township of Brock. The Lottery Licensing Officer will determine a group’s eligibility to conduct lotteries with the following prerequisites being mandatory for an organization to be considered eligible:

  • Organizations must have been in existence for at least one year before being considered eligible, and
  • The organization must have a place of business in Ontario, demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.

Click on the links below to view applications and Terms and Conditions for lottery schemes which include bingos, raffles, break open tickets and social gaming events:

Additional information is also available from our office or online from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website at

A complete application for a lottery scheme includes:

  • the licence fee in the amount of 3% of the total prize value by cheque made payable to the Township of Brock and written on the organization’s lottery trust account. The lottery trust account must have cheque-writing privileges with all cheques being returned with a monthly statement. All lottery related expenses must be paid for by cheque from the lottery trust account.
  • information update sheet;
  • a copy of the organization’s constitution;
  • a list of the Board of Directors/Executive;
  • proposed budget for the lottery funds;
  • membership list;
  • a sample of the ticket.