Kennel Licence

KennelBy-law Number 2445-2012-PP, states that a kennel licence is to be obtained from the municipality if more than three purebred dogs or working dogs are bred, maintained or cared for, for remuneration or otherwise.

No Kennel shall be located within any residential zone or within four hundred and fifty (450) metres of any residence, other than the residence of the owner of such kennel. As is the case for dog licensing, kennel licences need to be applied for by March 1st and shall expire on the 31st day of December each year.  An application for a kennel licence along with an application fee must be submitted to the By-law Enforcement/Animal Control Department.

Kennel Licence Application (pdf)

Annual Application Fee:

  • Kennel – New: $275.00
  • Kennel – Renewal: $195.00

Requirements to be met in order to qualify for a kennel licence are as follows:

  • the owner/operator shall reside in a dwelling house on the same lot as the kennel is to be located;
  • the township shall be provided with the name of the owner and all occupants of the lot on which the kennel is to be located;
  • keep an ongoing and updated list of all registration or serial numbers and dogs kept in the kennel;
  • open the kennel for inspection by a Canine Control Officer at all reasonable times;
  • ensure any dog that is taken into the kennel is free of contagious or infectious disease and keep health records for each dog;
  • at all times maintain the kennel in a sanitary, well-ventilated and lighted condition, at a healthful temperature and free from offensive odours.

If all of the above requirements are met, a report recommending issuance of the kennel licence is forwarded to Council for their approval.