Exotic Animals

Exotic SnakeThe Township of Brock is home to many different types of pets and companion animals.  The most common type of pets are dogs, cats, hamsters, budgies and goldfish. Less common in the Township of Brock are people who keep exotic pets such as lizards, spiders, and snakes.  Before purchasing or acquiring an exotic pet, ensure you are aware of the regulations and by-laws that apply to their ownership and care in the Township.

Why Do We Have Regulations for Exotic Pets?

Domestic animals such as a cat or dog have had their wild instincts bred out of them over the thousands of years they have lived alongside human beings.  Wild or exotic animals maintain many of their instincts even when raised by humans which can make them unpredictable and in many cases dangerous.  Further, there is some concern that animals not native to Ontario may be released and become invasive in a fragile ecosystem.  Last, regulations help to ensure exotic animals are provided with a safe and humane existence when in the care of people.

Exotic Animal By-Law

The Township of Brock regulates the treatment and captivity of exotic, wild, and Livestock under the Exotic Animal By-Law.  Articles II, III and IV clearly state the following:

Keeping of Livestock

  • No person shall keep livestock within the Township except in accordance with the relevant provisions of the comprehensive Zoning By-Law.

Keeping of Wildlife

  • No person shall, whether temporarily or permanently, keep, harbour, maintain, or possess wildlife.

Keeping of Certain Animals Prohibited

  •  No person shall, whether temporarily or permanently, keep, harbour, maintain, or possess any prohibited animal in accordance with Schedule “A” attached hereto.

Prohibited Animals

Schedule A outlines a list of the animals that are prohibited.  This list uses the scientific taxonomy classifications to distinguish between pets and other animals.

Exceptions and License

The Prohibited Animal By-Law allows for the application to obtain a license that would allow prohibited animals to be kept within the Township. Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate that they meet the full criteria outlined in the bylaw. Application for Exotic Animals (pdf)

Annual Licence Fee:

  • Prohibited Animal Licence (New) – $240.00
  • Prohibited Animal Licence (Renewal) – $170.00