Doggie Day Care Licence

By-Law Number 2022-2006-PP is by-law to govern the establishment of doggie day care operations. A doggie day care licence must be obtained from the municipality if a doggie day care is proposed. A doggie day care allows the licensee to care for more than 3 dogs between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. – no overnight accommodation is permitted within a doggie day care. Licence applications must be submitted to the Animal Control Department before the 1st day of March or within seven days of becoming the owner of a doggie day care.

DogThe following requirements must be met to qualify for a doggie day care licence:

  • the owner/operator shall reside in a dwelling house on the same lot as the doggie day care;
  • no day care is permitted within 120 metres of any residence on an abutting lot and no doggie day care is permitted within a residential zone;
  • the owner's name and the names of the owners of all dogs to be cared for must be maintained at all times;
  • operators must open the day care to inspection from the Animal Control Department;
  • maintain the day care in a sanitary, well-lighted, ventilated, and healthful condition;
  • complete an application.

Annual Licence Fee:

  • Dog Daycare – New: $205.00
  • Dog Daycare – Renewal: $170.00

For more information please contact the By-law Enforcement/Animal Control Department.