Camground Licence

Campgrounds of all types must be licensed.

By-Law Number 2083-2011-PP allows for the regulation, design, licensing and operation of campgrounds within the Township of Brock for camping vehicles and camping tents of all variations.

A licence to operate a campground within the municipality is required and five copies of an application to operate a campground must be submitted to the campground administrator together with the following:

  • five copies of the plan of development of the campground showing the location and dimensions of all the campsites, buildings, roadways, footways, hydro supply and sewage disposal facilities, drainage culverts and ditches.
  • five copies of a key plan showing the location of the campground lands, together with a legal description of these lands and such other information that may be requested by the campground administrator.

Copies of this information will be circulated as follows:

  • the Municipality
  • the Regional Health Unit
  • the Hydro Electric Power Commission
  • the Fire Department

Upon review of the information submitted, the campground administration will decide whether the application meets with the provisions of this by-law and will approve/refuse a licence. There is no fee currently associated with this licence.