Building Permits

Permit applications may be obtained below or from the Building Department.  Application forms must be completed and submitted for review and approval prior to the issuance of a permit.

Building / Demolition Permit Application

The Building / Demolition Permit Application (pdf) is to be used for all building permit applications.

Commitment to General Review By Architect and Engineer Form

Where a project is required to be designed by an architect and/or engineer, and the owner and architect and/or engineer must provide a commitment that architect and/or engineer inspection reports will be provided. View the Commitment to General Review by Architect & Engineer Form (pdf).

Demolition Permit Application (Utilities to be Disconnected)

Demolition Permit Application requiring signatures (pdf) of the applicable utilities is an additional form required for demolitions of dwellings and other buildings where utilities are to be disconnected.

Pool Enclosure Application

Pool Enclose Application (pdf) is required for all private outdoor swimming pools where the water depth is greater than 2′ (24 inches).