Municipal Departments

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the overall management of the organization and acts a policy advisor to the members of Council and is responsible: to plan, organize, direct, and control all facets of municipal operations; to oversee and administrate all staff functions; and for human resource management, employee development, and labour relations.

Clerk's Department

The Municipal Clerk has designated responsibilities defined by legislation and prepares Council and Committee meeting agendas. The Clerk is responsible to attend meetings of Council and Committees to accurately record decisions made. All minutes of Council and Committees, together with original resolutions and by-laws, are indexed and kept permanently. Members of the public are welcome to review minutes which have been approved by Council at the municipal office or on-line.

The Clerk’s Department is also responsible for accessibility, planning, economic development and tourism activities, planning & development, and the issuance of municipal licences & permits.

By-law Enforcement/Animal Control Division

The By-law Enforcement/Animal Control Division is responsible for enforcing a range of Township by-law requirements and Animal Control. The by-law enforcement office is responsible for enforcing all municipal by-laws enacted by Council. By-law enforcement is undertaken following a written complaint received from the public or on receipt of specific Council direction.

Treasury Department

The Treasury Department is responsible for the overall financial health of the municipality. Functions include Tax Billing and Collection, Investing and Borrowing of Municipal Funds, Budget Preparation, Financial Reporting, Payroll, General Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for road construction and maintenance, snow removal on the roads and sidewalks, vehicle fleet, sidewalk construction, maintenance of streetlights, and parks and facilities maintenance.

 Public Works Department Divisions:

Building Department

The Building department is responsible for ensuring that building activities adhere to the Ontario Building Code and Municipal By-laws. The department issues building permits and assists with planning and development inquiries.

Fire Department

The Fire Department provides incident response services for fire and other emergency situations as well as fire prevention programming activities. The department consists of:

  • two full-time staff
  • one part-time staff
  • and 75 volunteer firefighters whom operate from three (3) stations:
    • #81 – Sunderland
    • #82 – Cannington, and
    • #83 – Beaverton.