Media Release – 6th Annual Township of Brock Business Tour

The Township of Brock Council and the Brock Economic Development Advisory Committee (BEDAC), in partnership with the Region of Durham, hosted the 6th Annual Brock Business Tour on Friday, May 11, 2018. The purpose of this annual tour is to visit a variety of businesses within the Township to learn more about some of Brock's business community. This year's tour focused on the arts sector.
Those in attendance included the Mayor and Members of Council, BEDAC Members, Member of Parliament Jamie Schmale's Executive Assistant Dylan Robichaud, South Lake Community Futures Development Corporation Representative, Central Counties Tourism Representative, Business Advisory Centre of Durham Representative, Brock Board of Trade Representatives, Province of Ontario Staff, Township Staff, Regional Planning and Economic Development Staff, and the Media.
The tour began at Lynda Cunningham's farm and studio located outside of Sunderland.Country life is the inspiration for Lynda's work, combining her love of rural living with her passion for art. The subjects of Lynda's oil paintings and clay works reflect the rapidly disappearing scenes of rural Ontario and its domestic farm animals. Through her art she recaptures days' past, when horses were an integral part of farm life.
The next tour stop was a visit Rolling Hill Studio. Owner Anja Kooistra immigrated to Canada from The Netherlands in 2000 and brought with her a love of nature and the arts. After following many side roads, sculpting is now her passion, and through training and exploration, she has elevated this medium to new levels at the Rolling Hills Studio. Anja's rural home in Sunderland, Ontario provides the perfect backdrop for her creative spirit. She incorporates fabrics and natural materials into her sculptures, such as rocks, wood, bird nests and vintage laces and uses a non-toxic, environmentally friendly fabric hardener to sculpt the large and small figurines, each with a unique personality and an ethereal life force.
The morning finished off with a stop at Bishop Loach Creations, home of Lynn Bishop & Tom Loach. Chris Saunders, local musician, welcomed those in attendance with his music. Lynn is a mixed media artist using found and scrap objects and incorporating the pieces in her art. Tom creates steel and stone sculptures. In addition to their own work, they feature other local artists work in their studio.
A tour and lunch was held at Colourful Nights, located in downtown Beaverton. Colourful Nights is a locally owned Café and Paintlounge. Families and friends are invited to enjoy birthdays, bachelorettes, kids parties, classes and more! Colourful Nights opened on June 1, 2017 and is a quickly becoming a community favourite for breakfast, lunch and brunch.
Following lunch, attendees visited the Beaverton Town Hall home of the Beaverton Town Hall Players.The Beaverton Town Hall Players make every effort to promote professional calibre live theatre of music and drama in the Beaverton Town Hall second floor theatre designed and constructed in the year 1910.They encourage children and adults to fully participate in rehearsals and stage presentations creating camaraderie throughout the year with the objective of upgrading the acting skills and music talents of the participants for the enjoyment of theatre patrons.
The next stop was to the home of Sarah Cowley & Ron Baird. Ron is an international sculptor who works presently with polished stainless steel. His projects are site specific and large scale. Marquettes of some of his work will be on show as well as various garden pieces. Sarah is a local artist who works with mixed media. Her work will be on show as well. The print studio, workshop, garden and house will showcase various artworks for the business tour.
The day finished off with a tour of Tinkls, home of Judith & Viktor Tinkl. Judith and Viktor have lived in the Reekie school in Brock Township for over 50 years. Both artists, they have pursued their creative activities as well as teaching at OCADU for many years until their retirement. The property has evolved from an abandoned gravel pit and one room school to a sculpture garden and a gallery where indoor work is shown.
The Township thanks all of the featured businesses and organizations for their hospitality and insights, as well as all attendees for participating in the tour. Be sure to visit Lynda Cunningham, Tinkls, Rolling Hill  Studios and Bishop Loach Creations during the the Uxbridge Studio Tour taking place on September 13 & 14, 2018.
Lynda Cunningham
  Lynda Cunningham  Lynda Cunningham
Rolling Hill Studio
Rolling Hills Studio Anja Kooistra
Bishop Loach Creations
Bishop Loach Creations Bishop Loach Creations Studio
Beaverton Town Hall Players 
Beaverton Town Hall Players 
Sarah Cowley & Ron Baird
Sarah Cowley & Ron Baird  Ron Baird - Studio