Durham Region – Now open for input: Transportation System Discussion Paper

Whitby, Ontario – The Regional Municipality of Durham’s Planning Division has released its Transportation System Discussion Paper. This paper is the fifth in a series of discussion papers to be released in 2019, as part of Envision Durham, the Region’s Municipal Comprehensive Review of the Durham Regional Official Plan (ROP). Public input is integral to the success of this project and we want to hear from you.

What: The Region’s Transportation System is comprised of interconnected road, rail, transit and active transportation networks, with a variety of transportation-related land uses and generators of traffic. The Transportation System Discussion Paper provides an overview of the Region’s Transportation System, the policy framework that supports it in the ROP; and identifies relevant changes to provincial policy requirements, including recommended actions contained in the Durham Transportation Master Plan (TMP).

When: The Transportation System Discussion Paper is available for public input from October 1 to December 30 (a 90-day commenting period).

Where: Join the conversation by visiting durham.ca/EnvisionDurham to share your comments on the Transportation System Discussion Paper.

Why: Envision Durham is in the “Discuss” stage of its public engagement program. Please consider providing comments on the Transportation System Discussion Paper.

Note: Envision Durham is an opportunity to plan for change, by replacing the current Regional Official Plan (ROP) and establishing a progressive and forward-looking planning vision for the region to 2041. As Durham Regional Council’s core planning document, guiding Regional decision-making on long-term growth and development, the ROP provides policies to ensure an improved quality of life. Our vision is to create healthy and complete, sustainable communities within the region, and shape Durham into a great place to live, work, play, grow and invest.