Public Notice – Cannington Municipal Water Supply, Groundwater Pumping Test Notification

Durham Region Works Department

What Are We Doing?

In 2011, the Regional Municipality of Durham (Region) completed a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for additional water supply capacity for the Community of Cannington in the Township of Brock. The preferred alternative was to construct a new municipal well at a site located at 1735 Regional Road 12 (see map on next page). One test well was installed and tested at the proposed site in 2009.

The Region is currently undertaking an Addendum to the Class EA for an additional test well on the same site to confirm additional yield of water supply. The Region has retained International Water Supply Ltd. to drill the new well and conduct a pumping test. The Region would like to notify residents with private water wells about this pumping test, which is expected to take place in November 2017. The new test well will be step-tested for 24 hours, then both test wells will be pumped for 48 hours. The expected combined pumping rate will be approximately 9 litres/second.

How Can You Help?

The Region would appreciate your assistance in this regard by allowing International Water Supply Inc. to install level-loggers in your private well(s) to monitor the well level prior to, during, and after the pumping test.

Participation in the private well monitoring is voluntary; however, establishing the baseline condition of your private well will facilitate resolution of any claims that the Test Well drilling and/or Pumping Test has impacted your well. (i.e. It is difficult to substantiate whether or not an impact has occurred if the pre-existing conditions have not been documented).

Please note that the Region will suspend the Test Well drilling and/or Pumping Test if they are found to be causing detrimental impacts on the local private wells.

What Happens Next?

Once the additional water supply yield is confirmed in the two test wells, and no detrimental impacts to the local private wells are found, the Region will finalize the Class EA Addendum. The report will be posted on Durham Region’s Website at: www.durham/ca/cdeap

If you experience any concerns with your well water supply during the Test Well drilling and/or Pumping Test, or should you have any questions, please contact either of the following:

Region of Durham Works Department – Donald Yu P.Eng., Project Manager, Office: 905-668-7711 ext 3567, Fax: 905-668-2051, email: 

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
Rika Law, P.Eng., PMP
Project Manager, Office: 416-497-8600 ext 1209
Fax: 416-497-0342

Location of Test Wells:

Cannington-Notice-of-Pumping-Test- Map