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Limousine Licence

Lottery Licence

The Township of Brock has the authority to issue lottery licences to eligible organizations that are based within the boundaries of the Township of Brock. The Lottery Licensing Officer will determine a group’s eligibility to conduct lotteries with the following prerequisites being mandatory for an organization to be considered eligible:

  • Organizations must have been in existence for at least one year before being considered eligible, and
  • The organization must have a place of business in Ontario, demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.

Click on the links below to view applications and Terms and Conditions for lottery schemes which include bingos, raffles, break open tickets and social gaming events:

Additional information is also available from our office or online from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website at www.agco.on.ca.

A complete application for a lottery scheme includes:

  • the licence fee in the amount of 3% of the total prize value by cheque made payable to the Township of Brock and written on the organization’s lottery trust account. The lottery trust account must have cheque-writing privileges with all cheques being returned with a monthly statement. All lottery related expenses must be paid for by cheque from the lottery trust account.
  • information update sheet;
  • a copy of the organization’s constitution;
  • a list of the Board of Directors/Executive;
  • proposed budget for the lottery funds;
  • membership list;
  • a sample of the ticket.

​For more information, please contact the Lottery Licensing Officer, Becky Jamieson at 705-432-2355 ext. 240 or bjamieson@townshipofbrock.ca.


Billboard, Pool and Bagatelle Licence

The operation of billiard, pool and bagatelle tables is a regulated activity.

Township of Brock By-law Number 2384-2011-PP provides for the licensing and regulating of billiard, pool and bagatelle tables within the Township of Brock. Upon written application to Council, and upon approval thereof, the applicant will be responsible for providing the following information:

  • Hours of operation
  • Number of tables
  • Fee

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law. 


Campground Licence

Campgrounds of all types must be licensed.

By-Law Number 2083-2011-PP allows for the regulation, design, licensing and operation of campgrounds within the Corporation of the Township of Brock for camping vehicles and camping tents of all variations.

A licence to operate a campground within the municipality is required and five copies of an application to operate a campground must be submitted to the campground administrator together with the following:

  • five copies of the plan of development of the campground showing the location and dimensions of all the campsites, buildings, roadways, footways, hydro supply and sewage disposal facilities, drainage culverts and ditches.
  • five copies of a key plan showing the location of the campground lands, together with a legal description of these lands and such other information that may be requested by the campground administrator.

Copies of this information will be circulated as follows:

  • the Municipality
  • the Regional Health Unit
  • the Hydro Electric Power Commission
  • the Fire Department

Upon review of the information submitted the campground administration will decide whether the application meets with the provisions of this by-law and approve/refuse a licence. There is no fee currently associated with this licence.


Refreshment vehicles

Mobile canteens, chip trucks, coffee trucks, hot dog carts, ice cream carts and the like must all be licensed.

By-Law No. 2382-2011-PP is a by-law for licensing, regulating and governing vehicles from which refreshments are sold for consumption by the public, including chip trucks, coffee trucks, hot dog and ice cream carts.

Applications to permit a chip truck/mobile canteen must be approved by Council following receipt of a written request which describes the equipment to be used and its intended location.

Once approved by Council, a licence will be granted once the following has been completed:

  • Regional Health Unit inspection and approval;
  • Fire Department inspection and approval to ensure compliance with the Fire Code (this may also require installation of a kitchen (fire) suppression system);
  • Submitting proof of liability insurance;
  • Payment of appropriate licence fee; and,
  • The location must be 50 metres from an eating establishment.

Licences are limited each year and persons failing to comply with the by-law are liable to a penalty as provided by the Provincial Offences Act. 

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.

Click here for a copy of the application for a refreshment vehicle licnece.


Taxicab Licence

The operation of a Taxicab in the Township is regulated and requires a licence.

By-Law No. 2381-2011-PP is a by-law to provide for the licensing, regulating and governing of taxicab drivers and owners, with taxicab being defined as a member of that class of motor vehicle kept or used for hire or for conveyance of goods and passengers, which vehicle has seating for not more than seven persons, but does not include a bus, an ambulance or a hearse.

Upon written application to the Council of the Township of Brock and approval thereafter, certain requirements as set out in the by-law must be met by the owners, vehicles and the drivers. Failure to do so may revoke/prohibit a licence and/or incur a fine.

Click on the links below for driver and owner applications

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.


Automobile Wrecking Yard Licence

Wrecking yard operations are governed by By-law Number 2380-2011-PP and require a licence.

Applications to operate an automobile wrecking yard shall be submitted in writing together with a site plan of the property (if it is a new licence) together with a non-refundable deposit of $50.00.

Once received, an inspection will be conducted by the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer to ensure compliance with the by-law.

If the yard is in compliance, a licence will be issued upon payment of the required fee.  

Wrecking yards are subject to the following regulations:

  • the land must be zoned to permit a wrecking yard;
  • it must be 150 metres from a neighbouring residence;
  • access is only permitted when an attendant is on duty;
  • no open burning is permitted;
  • fluids must be disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner

Click here for the Application for an Automobile Wrecking Yard. 

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.


Marriage Licence

The Clerk has been appointed as an Issuer of Marriage Licences and may accept applications for marriages and issue licences in advance of the wedding. Applications for marriage licences are available from our office or online from the Provincial Ministry of Consumer and Business Services website at Service Ontario and must be properly completed and signed by both parties.  Both applicants must be 18 years of age or older.  If you are 16 or 17 years of age, parental consent is required.  Please contact the Clerk's department for further information.  If you are under the age of 16 years, you may not marry in the Province of Ontario.

Applicants for marriage licences must book an appointment in advance. 

Once the application has been completed, an appointment with the Clerk is required to obtain the marriage licence.  You must bring original documentation to establish your identity (e.g., birth certificate, current passport, current driver's licence, Canadian citizenship card, Permanent Residency card).  If only one party is attending, you must bring original documentation of the other party.  The licence is valid for 90 days after the date of issue throughout the Province Ontario.

If one or both of the applicants has been previously married and divorced in Canada, you must provide the original or a court-certified copy of your Certificate of Divorce or Decree Absolute (a Divorce Order, Divorce Judgement or Decree Nisi is not acceptable).  Photocopies will not be accepted.  A certified copy of your Certificate of Divorce can be obtained from the court office that granted the divorce.

If you were divorced, or your marriage dissolved or annulled outside of Canada, you must receive authorization from the Minister of Government Services before a marriage licence can be issued to you.  Visit the Service Ontario website at Service Ontario or call the Clerk's department to learn how to obtain this authorization.

The current cost of a marriage licence is $110.00 (cash or debit only).

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact the Clerks Department at 705-432-2355. 


Film Production Permit

Permission must be secured to use public property and streets for film production. In addition, published guidelines must be followed.

The Township of Brock encourages film production companies to visit the Township for your filming needs, whether it be a commercial or a full-scale movie production.

Click here for a copy of the Film Permit Request application process and Township Film Guidelines.

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.



Roadway Entrance Permit / Consent

Creating a new roadway entrance to a property (or widening and existing one) requires a permit.

Entrance permits/consents are required for all of the following:

  • New residential and commercial properties
  • Changing an existing entrance (widening); and/or
  • Obtaining a second entrance

Applications for an entrance must be completed and submitted to the Works Department, complete with the applicable fee. For information on the applicable fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.

Once an application is filed, an inspection of the proposed entrance location is conducted to determine certain requirements (e.g. approval of location, drainage requirements, culvert, ditching, etc.) The applicant will be notified as to the cost of the entrance installation following this inspection. Please read the following guidelines prior to applying for an entrance permit.

  • Entrance installations are carried out by the Township of Brock;
  • The Township supplies the materials, labour and equipment necessary to install the entrance;
  • The Township does not supply topsoil, sod or seed; these items are the responsibility of the applicant;
  • Minimum entrance length is twenty-four feet (or metric equivalent);
  • The Township provides all future maintenance of the entrance once installed by the municipality;
  • All entrance costs are to be prepaid.

Click here for an entrance application form.


Limousine Licence

The operation of a Limousine in the Township is regulated and requires a licence.

By-Law No. 2437-2012-PP is a by-law to provide for the licensing, regulating and governing of limousine drivers and owners, with a limousine being defined a luxury motor vehicle that is manufactured with an extended wheel base or has been extended from its original design which is kept for hire for the conveyance of Passengers solely on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, which does not contain a taximeter or two-way radio or similar device.  Notwithstanding the forgoing, the term Limousine shall not include a Taxicab in respect of which a license has been issued to the Owner, under the provisions of this By-law, nor shall it include a bus, ambulance or hearse. 

Upon written application to the Council of the Township of Brock and approval thereafter, certain requirements as set out in the by-law must be met by the owners, vehicles and the drivers. Failure to do so may revoke/prohibit a licence and/or incur a fine

Click on the links below to view the application forms for licences for drivers and owners:

For information on licence fees, click here to access Schedule A of the Fees By-Law.